Psychosomatic Energetics

What is Psychosomatic Energetics?

Psychosomatic Energetics (PSE) is simply mind-body energy work. PSE is a natural healing technique that has been clinically proven to identify and effectively resolve emotional issues and conflicts. We are all made up of energy and have 7 main energy centres (chakras) in our body.

When our energy is freely flowing between these energy centres, we are mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy. Balanced energy centres is essential for our health, vitality, happiness and well being.

It's common in clinical practice to see clients who feel tired, irritable and no longer at their peak performance. Typically, mainstream medical examinations often show no specific cause or diagnosis for these symptoms.

Each time we experience a negative emotional event in our life, one or more of our energy centres can become restricted or stuck. The pain of these emotional experiences becomes repressed into the subconscious and stored in the body as an emotional conflict. Unresolved, these deeply unconscious emotional conflicts lead to an energetic block and a reduced flow of energy that weakens the body and contributes to physical, mental and/or emotional disorders and pain.

How can this be resolved?

Rubimed Therapy

Within the foundation of Psychosomatic Energetics, Rubimed Therapy is the key restorative tool for healing illness and disorders resulting from past emotional trauma. Rubimed therapy entails a systematic approach using applied kinesiology (muscle) testing methods and the Reba device to determine the current active emotional conflict and appropriate homeopathic remedies for its resolution.

How does it work?

Step 1

The Reba device along with applied kinesiology is used to determine your level of vitality at a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

Step 2

Each energy centre is tested to determine the main emotional conflict needing resolution along with the duration of treatment. A detailed explanation of the emotional conflict is provided.

Step 3

Specific remedies are recommended and the length of treatment determined. When remedies are taken to completion, the emotional conflict is completely resolved.

Is this right for me?

Recurrent Pain

Are you frequently going for massages for recurrent pain such as neck and shoulder pain, headaches, back pain (upper, middle, lower), hip or foot pain?


Do you suffer from digestive issues, feel bloated all the time, have a tendancy to overeat and don't have the willpower to stop? Have you gained excessive weight especially around the abdomen? Do you suffer from sore throats?


Are you too much in your head, have trouble concentrating, feel powerless or like you have no sense of home? Do you have a hard time loving and mistrust easily? Do you have trouble communicating?

Unresolved emotional conflicts may be at the root of these issues.

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