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The last few years have been tough on everyone.  If you're feeling like you need to change up your life then you've come to the right place.  Whether you're looking to lose weight, stressed out or feeling stuck physically, mentally or emotionally, I can help you reset your body.

Why work with me?

My clients typically come to me because they are ready for a reset - to shake things up because they're stuck in a rut. They've put on weight they can't seem to lose, they feel like life has become stagnant and routine.  In short, life has lost its vibrancy.

I have 2 main focuses in my practice.  I offer a personalized weight loss program using the Metabolic Balance plan. The program is based on your unique body chemistry and the weight loss plan is completely customized to you. I also offer Psychosomatic (mind-body) Energetics to help clients clear emotional blockages that, over time, can manifest as physical pain. I firmly believe that the body must be treated as a whole and working on improving both our physical and emotional health is paramount to long term healing, wellness and vibrancy.

What I can assist you with:

Weight Loss

A personalized meal plan created just for you based on your individual blood values and full medical intake. Know exactly which foods are right for your body to optimize your health. 

Clearing Emotional Blockages

Psychosomatic Energetics (PSE) is simply mind-body energy work.  PSE is a natural healing technique that has been clinically proven to identify and effectively resolve emotional issues and conflicts.

Laboratory Tests

Food Sensitivity

Food sensitivities are recognized to be related to many health conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), eczema, fatigue etc. By identifying and eliminating offending foods from our diet, many experience relief from their symptoms. 


High stress, difficulty sleeping, low energy and other pressures of our daily lives are things we can all relate to. Stress can impact our digestive system, our immune system, our hormones, cardiovascular system and our mental health. Returning our stress hormones to more balanced levels is an important step towards achieving our optimal state.

Gut Health

Research overwhelmingly indicates that gut health impacts overall health. The gut microbiome, in particular, plays a critical role in mediating the effects of diet and other factors on health, including digestive, immune and metabolic functions. Assessing GI health with the proper tools can help get to the root cause of chronic illness. 

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